5 Reasons Why Personal Mottos Mean Everything

I am an affirmations type person here & there, but sometimes they just don’t cut it in the moment. They don’t feel real when you’re down, especially since you may have adopted the wording from someone or something else. Though we do create our own, they usually are inspired by others. Some of us may be able to claim differently, but that’s just how i’ve witnessed it over time.

Affirmations can help by all means, but I am learning what works best for me when it gets tougher than tough. I wish I had learned this stuff at my darkest moments when I was a teenager. That’s exactly why I think you should invest your time in creating your own personal mottos. They are yours to care for and hold yourself accountable with.

  1. Mottos make self-talk really personal. They guide you. They are your journey.
  2. Mottos remind you of who you are without all the extra. You affirm who you are while acknowledging who you were/are becoming. Mottos acknowledge that process if you desire for them to do so.
  3. Mottos inspire you to be you. It’s all on your own terms. No one can say, “Oh, yeah! That’s the same one I came up with.” They may be able to relate, but they can’t copy it in any way. It’s yours.
  4. Mottos encourage you to MOVE. Do better for yourself, they say. Act for the sake of this, they say. Do this TODAY, they say.
  5. Mottos reflect your character. The contents of you are is what make this so special.

One of my working mottos is very real and very dear to my heart for so many reasons. Not everyone will agree with who you are or what you choose. You just have to think & grow beyond that. Your acknowledgment of their denial is only going to hurt you.

Affirmations affirm mottos. They serve as support. Your motto is your lead. Follow up with your claims. Plant them in the name of your guide. Live your dreams.

I’m going to share the motto that has been guiding me for the past few years. It has helped me to uproot myself from beliefs that do not serve me or my purpose:

“All I can do is be me.

Fuck all interpretations;

they don’t mean a damn thing.


All I can do is be FREE.

Living in my truth, 

though sometimes it hurts

I gotta MOVE.”


Live by your mottos each day as best as you can, and if you feel as if you’re falling short, that’s fine. You will get back to who you are. You can do whatever you plan.

Much love & good, peaceful vibes,



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