why I will always love the Obamas

they are real. they are BLACK. they are love, and yes, all of that matters.

they have been attacked by white supremacists on all fronts & most of these people have not been held accountable for their actions.

the Obamas are the most disrespected First Family EVER.


they ascend in Blackness. fighting by being. that is a part of what being Black means in America.


their love for each other can’t be replicated.

they were the FIRST successful AND loving Black family that I was exposed to as a teenager into my early twenties. they were not reruns of sitcoms or scripted Black success.

that meant so much to me, & I didn’t know why as a child.

Now, I realize that they really just gave me hope for Black success & Black love at the same time.

Michelle Obama stands draped in class, brilliance & elegance.


in the face of hate she wins.

she’s timeless.

she’s iconic.

in the hearts & spirits of Black children, she will remain.

in the pride of Black womanhood, she will never be forgotten.

I always wondered how she felt as a Black woman & a First Lady. I always found myself wondering what did she (and Barack) really want to say when they & their daughters received unwarranted criticism & hate.

I know that she’s above it, but we are all human.

I always admired her willingness to stand up & her ability to be so selfless.

She worked for all that she has earned, she carries herself with dignity & people are mad that a Black woman can radiate this excellence all at once.

the world can’t stand to see an educated Black woman OWN every single thing that she does in every sense of the word.


it has no choice but to watch & learn.

I am forever here for that.

I hope you all realized what we just witnessed. it’s history. now what do we do with it?


I used to wonder if I were wrong for having so much pride in a family that I did not personally know.

Now I wonder how that could ever have been a question.

They mean so much to me because they are the epitome of what ‘they’ don’t want us to see.

you can’t deny the First Lady airtime. You can’t deny this Black woman who dusts hate off of her sleeves every day the attention that the world should be gracious to give her.

I live for every moment & chance because it has made a difference in my attitude toward life & love. I see that Black people can actually do this even if they are the face of America & have people threatening their lives daily.

i’m so proud of them. they are so brave. they are so beautiful.

in 2008 a staff member in high school said that I should not just be impressed with Barack’s ‘likability’ aka his Blackness. this really discouraged me. she did not know how much I had done to make sure that I trusted this man as a 14-year-old.

I didn’t support Herman Cain because I thought he was a fraud years after Obama’s first election. He’s a Black man, & I would not vote for him. I had chosen Barack Obama because I trusted him with our future.

then I realized that people assumed that I only supported him because he identifies as Black. he had already proven his worthiness as a leader. I was educated enough, but she assumed that I only supported his movement because of his identity.

I am pro-Black so of course i’m going to support a brother who seemed to be trying to get us going in the right direction. I understood that well enough.

I’ve had people question my support, but I have to question how people could wonder why I support the First Family so much.

they gave me hope in achievement & in love. they inspired me to be classic because that never fades with a trend. the Obamas inspired me to learn how to get past the criticism, how to make a fool of hateful people without even uttering their name.

for that, I am grateful.

one day I want to have a more intimate conversation with them about how their love grew in the White House & how they stood with such class against hate.

the letter that I still wonder if Barack Obama crafted himself inspires me to this day. I remember sitting in the room writing a letter to him when I was thirteen years old. I felt moved to ask him how he dealt with racism every day with such grace. I was so inspired. I sent him an article titled “Black Like Me” that I read in middle school that I was assigned in advisory. People were questioning his Blackness & many other things. I just wanted to know how he felt. I wrote the other presidential candidates that year including Hillary Clinton. No other responses.

(what I hope was) his response still helps me to this day.

it still gives me chills to this day.

i’m going to cry my eyes out when they leave the White House.

they  are so brave.

I must say, again, that I am so proud to have witnessed such Black excellence.

thank you both.

I will miss you dearly.



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